Finding fishers of men

America could use a few more men willing to be dads There’s this thing about fishing. Often, the return on your tremendous investment of time, energy and resources is three hours of shivering and staring at downriggers.  There’s the boat – and keeping that running — and the licenses, tackle and bait. Don’t forget rods andContinue reading “Finding fishers of men”

BOOK RELEASE: “That Shot Didn’t Count” is Sederquist’s first attempt at fiction

It’s time to throw your money at something of value, folks. Get your non-refundable $800 pledge (or direct donation of a Fischer Speedmax 3D 207cm classic ski, weight range 150-170 pounds) into enterprises to secure your signed copy of Ryan Sederquist’s debut fiction novel, “That Shot Didn’t Count,” the tale of a Minnesota boyContinue reading “BOOK RELEASE: “That Shot Didn’t Count” is Sederquist’s first attempt at fiction”

Minnesota Nice

After being thoroughly dominated by the Golden State Warriors in the first round of the NBA playoffs last week, Denver Post sports columnists lamented the woebegone nature of the helpless Nuggets. As this was happening, the Minnesota Timberwolves were doing what Minnesota sport’s franchises have done since the dawn of creation: indescribably blowing sure-wins andContinue reading “Minnesota Nice”

Sederquist caught using “cheat sheet” at wife’s birthday date dinner

Here is what it said LEADVILLE, COLORADO – Photos emerged of Ryan Sederquist, the self-proclaimed “Skieologian,” out on a dinner date for his wife’s April 1st birthday carrying a “cheat sheet” containing answers to tough relationship questions.  Enemies of the writer’s weekly sport philosophy column pounced on the opportunity to corner the 30-year-old, who has beenContinue reading “Sederquist caught using “cheat sheet” at wife’s birthday date dinner”

SederSkier Sprinter Stories: We forgot pickles

Snow Mountain Ranch Stampede 50k Classic – March 13 Result: 1st overall (2:38:17) I almost didn’t go the SMR Stampede. Last year, sleeping in the van for a couple of nights and racing a beautiful skate 50k followed by a tough classic race in falling snow was one of the highlights of the year. Sure,Continue reading “SederSkier Sprinter Stories: We forgot pickles”

Skieologians: How America won all that gold (in 2030)

A call back to their plundering of the 2018 Olympics, three “architects of Norway’s sport system” shared key ideas for nationwide sport development in an Aspen Institute article titled, “How Norway won all that gold (again).” The Beijing Games saw Norwegian winter athletes win a record 16 gold medals. As Aspen Institute editor Tom FarreyContinue reading “Skieologians: How America won all that gold (in 2030)”

Press Release: Sederquist will attempt 200k at 10,500 feet

Leadville, CO – The team captain of Racing Project will attempt to ski 200k in a 24-hour period at the Equinox Challenge at Mount Massive Golf Course March 19-20. “Not sure if this is a good idea,” Ryan Sederquist said in a hastily arranged press conference via Zoom byway of’s new interim promotionalContinue reading “Press Release: Sederquist will attempt 200k at 10,500 feet”