Some stories are best kept hidden

August 6th – Sports, sports, is your whole life just sports column Walt Harrington, author of numerous books and former journalist for the Washington Post Magazine, described a scene for a story he once did on a fundamentalist Christian family in Mobile, Alabama:  Mrs. Webster, a sweet woman, walked me through the house, full of […]

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Is competition a bad thing?

true competition versus decompetition We live in a society where words no longer have meaning, their definitions being freely refashioned. Effective communication is a becoming a figment of our imagination as language muddles in a mirky puddle of confusion. Vitriolic confrontation is something we don’t lack in everyday life, but by simply requesting a definition […]

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Seder-Skier Seven

August 1st, 2021 The things I’ve read, listened to, and watched in sports, society, and skieologian-ing over the course of the last week. The 100 Show I wonder if they will darken the whole track, splash each athletes’ name on the homestretch with 4,000,000 watts of lazer beam action, and play dramatic music for the […]

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Can any country have a democracy?

No. By Ryan Sederquist In the book Midnight in Siberia – A train journey into the heart of Russia – by David Greene, host of NPR’s Morning Edition and former Moscow bureau chief, the author continually rubs against Russians who, despite knowing the fairly severe consequences of an authoritarian regime, resist moving out of what […]

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“That’ll move the chains!”

NBC and Peacock do not care about their broadcast teams at the Tokyo Olympics Painful journalism continues as naivety reigns in the track and field booth at the Olympics. Remember the SNL skit where Andy Samberg, playing Danny Hoover, an 11-year old Make-a-Wish winner who gets the opportunity to join Jim Nantz and Phil Simms […]

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The Subaru Factory Team

Part 2 of our Visma Ski Classics special. We talk about the importance of developing a top to bottom, cradle to the grave, community based ski club which is anchored by a loppet/Visma Ski Classics team. Why the support of such a team (Visma Ski Classics) is vital to the overall health of skiing in the US.

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Would having a Visma Ski Classics team in the US improve the overall health of the sport in the country?

Part 1 of 3 – Visma Ski Classics Special: The state of marathon racing in the US, its relationship to club/community based ski programs, and how both affect you ……and Jessie Diggins. “My vision was to have a high-level program that was community-based, that the community supported and was behind and felt part of. I […]

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