Home, sweet home

Every athlete has their stomping grounds. Larry Bird at the Garden. Favre’s invincibility inside frigid Lambeau.  Champion ultra-runner Jim Walmsley claims he could take anyone on the trails of the Grand Canyon.  It’s the place that has both been given to you and thrust upon you. You didn’t choose it as much as it choose […]

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Dear Concordia College,

Hi there! My name is Ryan Sederquist! I grew up in Moorhead, MN, went to Moorhead High and later Concordia College, graduating in 2015 with a B.A. in Music Education.  I worked in Alamosa, Colorado as an elementary music teacher for three years, getting my M.S. in Exercise Physiology on the side. My wife Christie […]

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Faith restored

Skieologians: The Applied Sport Theology Column “We’re going to make it, Ryan,” said the 80-something-year-old striding alongside me, his cross-country ski form belying his age. Our un-planned daily meetups at the remote, snow-laden gravel road were now at a streak of 35 days. I could trust him, the only person possessing an obsession for training […]

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Just try

A Boston-based financial analyst decides to make his first race ever a 50k trail run in Colorado….and meets his inspiration on the trail. On a perfect late September Saturday, a certain frustrated, overburdened public school teacher with dreams of being a writer was stewing in his own self-pity as he mindlessly drove south towards Buena […]

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Do you know if we matter?

skieologians: Applied Sport Theology By Ryan Sederquist Here is something you’ve probably heard a good coach tell an athlete:  “You matter.”  Here is a response you’ve probably never heard:  “Says who?”  Because 95% of practicing coaches and sport psychologists would not answer that question with a person’s name, they fail – in sufficiency and consistency […]

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In the dark

October 25, 2021 Well, October is nearly complete, which means two things:  Depressing afternoon darkness trying to shorten my afternoon bike rides. I’ve invested body, mind, and soul to my annual Lance Armstrong novel study. Fall in Colorado can’t be beat. With it winding down, I’m always pulled by some force to enjoy the yellow […]

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Athlete Burnout

Suggestions for coaches in managing the physical and mental variables of overtraining in a uniquely modern environment Managing mental and physical burnout and overtraining requires coaches to teach their athletes to be their best monitors, weighing the known physiological principles with their individual mental and physical stressors “When you are not practicing, remember someone, somewhere […]

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