SederSkier Podcast – Ivan Babikov!

First 30 minutes – we discuss an August 2020 study looking at how well distance runners and rowers transfer to xc skiing from a physiological and technical perspective. Super fascinating … Last hour – Part 1 of our interview with 2006, 2010, and 2014 Olympian Ivan Babikov. His “cinderella story” is worth its own bookContinue reading “SederSkier Podcast – Ivan Babikov!”

Seder-Skier Podcast – We rip open a vein on the U of M track situation

Epic show with topics for everyone! Tune in to your chosen topic or listen to the whole thing to become fully enlightened! *First 2 minutes – obnoxious intro music *next 30 minutes – reflections on Tyler Hamilton biography – we talk about doping, eating disorders, and the insane logistics of being a great doping cyclistContinue reading “Seder-Skier Podcast – We rip open a vein on the U of M track situation”