I’m From

Inspired by NPR, Sederquist takes a crack at poetry…. I’m from viking ships and churches, heartbreaking losses and hotdish laden potlucks. I’m from backyard sports, treehouses, and itchy mosquito bites. I’m from windchills and worries, harsh weather and endurance, from simplicity and priorities. I’m from drab winter skies and duck hunters ushering them in. I’m […]

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Social Media Cred

Sports, Social Media, and Identity The Column – By Ryan Sederquist Olympian at 16.  Olympic gold medalist and world record holder at 21.  The first ever two-time Gatorade High School Athlete of the Year. If all 700 of my words were dedicated to list Sydney McLaughlin’s accomplishments, I’d still be forced to cut out monumental […]

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New Normal

In a grim classroom, a little boy fidgets at an empty table. He steals a glance at his friend – six feet away and plugged into a chromebook – instantly realizing the incommunicable state of affairs. His restless soul, taut with a quickly diminishing supply of boyish energy, depleted from habitual restraint, betrays his weary […]

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“My Sweet Embraceable You”

Failure Forges – The Depths of Defeat need to be walked thru… Ryan Sederquist – The Column – September 4, 2021 Ray Bradbury’s futuristic, time traveling short story, The Sound of Thunder, provides the inspiration for today’s column. My English class was prepped for reading with this journal question: “If you could go back in […]

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