A Labor of Love

August 30, 2021 The misplaced sense of an experiential complexity unique to my life, which I routinely and sinfully posture, was exposed to the fullest extent last Wednesday at about 7:00 PM. As the agony of my wife’s labor – our first child –  gradually escalated, even someone as self absorbed as me understood the […]

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Life’s training ground

In this first week of school, don’t neglect the arena where much of life’s purest lessons are honed Take out a pencil and paper.  (Summer is officially over…..) Put your hand-held computers, which double as a communication device, away.  (No cell phones? This really feels like school now.) At the top, write out the winner […]

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SederSkier Seven

Thoughts for the week ending on August 14th, 2021 USSPC for the Czech Republic? In doing some research for future articles, I came across this brand. Cool name, cool concept – seems like a ‘little guy’ company that is trying to make quality poles. Everything is made in the Czech Republic. Reminded me of a […]

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Book Deals for Everyone!

In retrospect, Andrew Cuomo’s five million dollar book deal with Crown Publishing for American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic may seem like a publisher’s worst nightmare. The Penguin Random House subsidiary, however, has doubled-down on some other incredible author advances. I’m a HUGE reader….and I’ll be looking for these titles at book stores […]

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Dear Letsrun.com

Subject: True Competition is getting thrown under the bus in the Olympic Men’s High Jump Dear sports journalism heros, Robert, Weldon, and Jon, I will try to be brief as I know you are very busy right now. However, your platform is so much greater than mine, and I believe this message is something coaches, athletes […]

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