I’m a 27 year old elementary music teacher who lives in Alamosa, Colorado with my wife, Christie, and two dogs, Zatopek and Joanie. I enjoy watching the Minnesota Vikings, Timberwolves, and Twins, listening to sports talk radio, creating my own podcasts and rap songs in my studio, writing for news publications, downhill skiing, studying exercise science, cooking healthy food, eating all kinds of food, coaching, and much more. I also train as a full-time distance runner, which means I run, bike, ski, rollerski, and just generally workout, sleep, or eat all the time.

This blog is an in depth look at an “everyday athlete’s'” pursuit of his childhood dream to become a professional athlete. The training page will give you a detailed look at my training and racing diary. Epic routes is a page showing you some of my favorite bike, rollerski, and running routes and training “stomping grounds.” You will also find gear and product reviews, where, as an experienced athlete who spends a large portion of their day using, researching, buying, and wearing out athletic apparel and gear, I give my two cents on products you can trust. I’ve also included a section on sports science and published scientific journal articles. In studying for my Master’s degree in exercise science, I’ve developed a more polished ability to read and interpret studies that can improve physical and psychological sport performance, and this is the place where I will give a summary and ‘quick take application’ on new research on endurance training, nutrition, recovery, and sport psychology.

Nordic news is the bar to look for all of the latest Colorado/Rocky Mountain Region nordic ski race reports, new hires, job opportunities, and events. We are hoping to become the milesplit of nordic skiing. If you would like to contribute with a race report or news clipping, send us a shout out and we will happily include it.

The heading at the top of my homepage reads, “Search for Truth. Play with purpose. Strive for success.” It is the underlying theme for my coaching philosophy, which can be downloaded from this site. Basically, I’m always looking to search for the truth in my pursuit of knowledge, whether that is knowledge regarding the best methods for waxing skis, training a quarter miler, or defending my Christian apologetic. Searching implies a dedicated pursuit for knowledge, and that is what I’m about and what this site is about, even if it is simply for providing viewers with an accurate description of a product. Play with purpose has to do with living out our passions because they are fun. I ski because its fun. I play music and teach young kids because there is joy in it. This blog is about celebrating the joy and fun that inherently exists in the pursuit of excellence and in the activities themselves. Finally, strive for success is built on the principle that true success is the realization that we gave 100% effort to become the best that we could possible be. It requires 100% in preparation, competition, reflection, mental effort, etc. If something is worth doing, I believe it is worth doing with that level of effort.


Thank you for stopping by to enjoy my website!