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My name is Ryan Sederquist. I currently live in Leadville with my wife Christie, daughter Novi, and border collie-German shepherd mix, Ajee. I love to bike, run, ski write, podcast and toot my own horn, literally and figuratively (I also play trumpet!).

This website is an outlet for a few of my passions and dreams. Now that I am a full-time sports writer, I don’t get over to seder-skier.com as much, but occasionally, I have some take that is just to intense for public consumption.

You’ll find random feature stories, a few blogs on my training/trips, awful pictures, the random sports column on either the Vikings or World Cup skiing — or how both are somehow related. You’ll also see a few Skieologian articles. If you’re wondering what that’s about, here’s the gist.

Doug Wilson, an excellent writer and thinker, calls himself an applied theologian. His writings provide commentary on happenings in the church and the world, from a Biblical perspective. I do the same, only with sports — thus, I’m sort of an applied sports theologian…or skieologian…since it’s often about skiing.

I know I know…there’s a high demand for this kind of presuppositional apologetic interpretation in the sports column world. I found it, and I’ve filled it. Your welcome.

The heading at the top of my homepage reads, “Search for Truth. Play with purpose. Strive for success.” It is the underlying theme for my coaching philosophy, which can be downloaded from this site. Basically, I’m always looking to search for the truth in my pursuit of knowledge, whether that is knowledge regarding the best methods for waxing skis, training a quarter miler, or defending my Christian apologetic. Searching implies a dedicated pursuit for knowledge, and that is what I’m about and what this site is about, even if it is simply for providing viewers with an accurate description of a product. Play with purpose has to do with living out our passions because they are fun. I ski because its fun. I play music and teach young kids because there is joy in it. This blog is about celebrating the joy and fun that inherently exists in the pursuit of excellence and in the activities themselves. Finally, strive for success is built on the principle that true success is the realization that we gave 100% effort to become the best that we could possible be. It requires 100% in preparation, competition, reflection, mental effort, etc. If something is worth doing, I believe it is worth doing with that level of effort.

Someday, I hope to race the Visma Classics – the entire season and wear a Team USA singlet. If you know of any body I can reach out to to help me accomplish these goals, please email me at sederskier@gmail.com

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