Enoch is transfigured

The sprinter van known as Enoch has returned to Leadville, Colorado after an almost 40-day escapade. The vehicle has sat in the parking lot of the Denny Menholt’s in Billings, MT since the end of July after striking a deer en route to Bozeman, MT. Enoch lost his beautiful Mercedes grill in the crash, whichContinue reading “Enoch is transfigured”

6-hour challenge

Out There Nordic is presenting a 6-hour challenge for Nordic skiers to spice up their fall training. Participants will conduct six hours of training in a 9-hour period, earning one entry into a raffle for every mode of exercise. In case you are wondering, we’ve registered. I’ve entertained the idea of a “12-hours of Turquoise”Continue reading “6-hour challenge”

Running up Mt. Massive

On Tuesday, Christie and I decided, after our normal morning routine (me drinking coffee and typing from 5:15-6:45 … Novi interrupting me…and then discussing ‘theology time’ as a family on the couch while our baby opens cupboards and does laps up and down the hallway until nature calls for everyone) that it would be funContinue reading “Running up Mt. Massive”

Training log

Tuesday A.M. – 70-minute run on the new singletrack trails down by Turquoise Lake. These trails are a great addition to the Leadville scene. I’d say they’re more fun on a mountain bike, but I’m digging them for running, too. One great thing is the rolling nature of the trails, the ability to hook upContinue reading “Training log”

DP up Independence Pass

On Monday, my wife said she needed to pick something up in Twin Lakes. I decided that if I was driving all the way out there, I might as well do something different. I brought my rollerskis and set out on Highway 82, just passed the turn from Highway 24. Feeling surprisingly spry, I hadContinue reading “DP up Independence Pass”

SederSkier Sprinter Stories: We forgot pickles

Snow Mountain Ranch Stampede 50k Classic – March 13 Result: 1st overall (2:38:17) I almost didn’t go the SMR Stampede. Last year, sleeping in the van for a couple of nights and racing a beautiful skate 50k followed by a tough classic race in falling snow was one of the highlights of the year. Sure,Continue reading “SederSkier Sprinter Stories: We forgot pickles”

Press Release: Sederquist will attempt 200k at 10,500 feet

Leadville, CO – The team captain of Seder-Skier.com Racing Project will attempt to ski 200k in a 24-hour period at the Equinox Challenge at Mount Massive Golf Course March 19-20. “Not sure if this is a good idea,” Ryan Sederquist said in a hastily arranged press conference via Zoom byway of Seder-Skier.com’s new interim promotionalContinue reading “Press Release: Sederquist will attempt 200k at 10,500 feet”

sederskier sprinter stories: Leadville loppet and pepsi challenge

Leadville Loppet – 42K Classic Result: 2:18:33, 1st place After some initial hesitancy, I elected to register for the hometown race, and I’m happy that I did. My logic was three-fold. First, this is really the quintessential Ryan Sederquist race. Gradual, unceasing railroad grade climbs with placid, working downhills. At 10,000 feet and with almostContinue reading “sederskier sprinter stories: Leadville loppet and pepsi challenge”

Sederskier sprinter stories

Enoch rides again to kick off loppet season Enoch, the name of the Seder-Skier.com sprinter van, showed toughness in the month of January. We started with an epic journey along the million-dollar highway, an impromptu drive on the most dangerous road in America, then took an even more impromptu 1,100 mile trip to Wisconsin andContinue reading “Sederskier sprinter stories”