Peaks and Valleys: Dan Hobbs and the 14er self-supported record

As Dan Hobbs’ eyes ricochet off his suit coat and out his Rand Tower office window at the Marquette Avenue traffic below, his mind can’t help but wander back to Colorado. In 2013, he bolted for the mountains, convinced they could heal him from severe depression. It worked. He hiked all 58 14,000-foot peaks inContinue reading “Peaks and Valleys: Dan Hobbs and the 14er self-supported record”

Marcione: Chris on kick, part 1

It has often perplexed me why there is so little love for classic skiing in Colorado, and why many people default to skating. With the dry snow and endless gradual to moderate climbs, Colorado should be producing an army of classic striders. Let’s be honest, skate skiing can be miserable for a good chunk ofContinue reading “Marcione: Chris on kick, part 1”