Skieologians: looking ahead with Russ

Dreaming of the bye week … and snow Surgeon General’s warning: I don’t claim to know the future. Reading could have lingering side effects on your fantasy football team’s performance  Broncos PR guy: Alright, time for two more!” Reporter: Hey Russ, Ryan O’Halloran, Denver Post. It’s the end of October, you guys are 7-1 (dreamContinue reading “Skieologians: looking ahead with Russ”

Should we care about what athletes do outside of the sport?

This column is a continuation off of yesterday’s …so….there…. Yes and yes. Whether we like it or not, we don’t consume anything — much less real people playing real games — in a vacuum. We consider the nature of an athletes’ personality, values, beliefs and lifestyle choices when we develop an overall perception of whoContinue reading “Should we care about what athletes do outside of the sport?”

Peaks and Valleys: Dan Hobbs and the 14er self-supported record

As Dan Hobbs’ eyes ricochet off his suit coat and out his Rand Tower office window at the Marquette Avenue traffic below, his mind can’t help but wander back to Colorado. In 2013, he bolted for the mountains, convinced they could heal him from severe depression. It worked. He hiked all 58 14,000-foot peaks inContinue reading “Peaks and Valleys: Dan Hobbs and the 14er self-supported record”

Finding fishers of men

America could use a few more men willing to be dads There’s this thing about fishing. Often, the return on your tremendous investment of time, energy and resources is three hours of shivering and staring at downriggers.  There’s the boat – and keeping that running — and the licenses, tackle and bait. Don’t forget rods andContinue reading “Finding fishers of men”

Can any country have a democracy?

No. By Ryan Sederquist In the book Midnight in Siberia – A train journey into the heart of Russia – by David Greene, host of NPR’s Morning Edition and former Moscow bureau chief, the author continually rubs against Russians who, despite knowing the fairly severe consequences of an authoritarian regime, resist moving out of whatContinue reading “Can any country have a democracy?”


Should a high school phenom ever turn pro? Find out our thoughts. Hobbs Kessler recently shattered Alan Webb’s high school 1500m record (also breaking Jim Ryun’s 55 year old U20 record as well) with a 3:34.36. This time is also faster than the NCAA DI 1500 meter record. Kessler, who was a 4:24 miler asContinue reading “Skieologians!”

Skieologians: The Dri-Fit Dialogues Ep. 1- What every American needs to know about free speech ….if they want to keep it around…

Pastor Collin Brooks joins us from Roswell, NM! Our first “Dri-Fit Dialogues,” a play on the sweater vest dialogues between Doug Wilson and James White, puts the polished pastor, Mr. Brooks, and the SederSkier, in their natural states, which means one person is dressed like a normal adult and the other is wearing a dri-fitContinue reading “Skieologians: The Dri-Fit Dialogues Ep. 1- What every American needs to know about free speech ….if they want to keep it around…”