Skieologians: looking ahead with Russ

Dreaming of the bye week … and snow Surgeon General’s warning: I don’t claim to know the future. Reading could have lingering side effects on your fantasy football team’s performance  Broncos PR guy: Alright, time for two more!” Reporter: Hey Russ, Ryan O’Halloran, Denver Post. It’s the end of October, you guys are 7-1 (dreamContinue reading “Skieologians: looking ahead with Russ”

Skieologians: Snail seminar

It’s not just about looking the part Recently, I stopped mid-run to an observe an animal that apparently calls Vail ‘home.’  Not a moose, elk, mountain lion or goat — all of those flashy Alpine logos whose silhouettes embody Colorado better than a Patagonia-wearing Patrick Dempsey ever could — but a lowly snail. First, IContinue reading “Skieologians: Snail seminar”

Finishing: at least there will be a good story

When my daughter is pushing her broccoli around, mulling over quitting the soccer team mid-season, I’ll be able to say, “It’s important to finish what you started,” and back it up.  After chipping away at my sports science master’s degree since 2015, a winding path that has seen six unexpected career changes and required twoContinue reading “Finishing: at least there will be a good story”

Peaks and Valleys: Dan Hobbs and the 14er self-supported record

As Dan Hobbs’ eyes ricochet off his suit coat and out his Rand Tower office window at the Marquette Avenue traffic below, his mind can’t help but wander back to Colorado. In 2013, he bolted for the mountains, convinced they could heal him from severe depression. It worked. He hiked all 58 14,000-foot peaks inContinue reading “Peaks and Valleys: Dan Hobbs and the 14er self-supported record”

Is the Leadville 100 good for Leadville?

I love bikes. I love races. I love people who are serious about both. So, it seems like the answer to the title’s question would be fairly predictable. As someone who has only been in the cloud city for three years, I know I’m not the most qualified to have an opinion on this matter.Continue reading “Is the Leadville 100 good for Leadville?”

Daddy indoctrination

The other day, my wife took an afternoon nap, rolling the parenting dice by leaving yours truly unsupervised with our 10-month-old, Novi. After lying, “I’ve got this,” I rolled up my sleeves and slowly lowered myself onto the floor as my creaking joints and tight quadriceps screamed, “What are YOU DOING?” Playing. Novi was busyContinue reading “Daddy indoctrination”

Finding fishers of men

America could use a few more men willing to be dads There’s this thing about fishing. Often, the return on your tremendous investment of time, energy and resources is three hours of shivering and staring at downriggers.  There’s the boat – and keeping that running — and the licenses, tackle and bait. Don’t forget rods andContinue reading “Finding fishers of men”