Skieologians: The Applied sport theology column

a word on Wood skis…. A wise person once told me, “You can never have too many skis.” Lately, I’ve been joyfully strolling through Ryan Rodger’s 2021 tale of Scandinavian influence on Minnesota and Wisconsin’s nordic ski history, Winter’s Children. As he traces the history of the sport where I grew up and introduces iconicContinue reading “Skieologians: The Applied sport theology column”

Sederskier sprinter stories

Enoch rides again to kick off loppet season Enoch, the name of the sprinter van, showed toughness in the month of January. We started with an epic journey along the million-dollar highway, an impromptu drive on the most dangerous road in America, then took an even more impromptu 1,100 mile trip to Wisconsin andContinue reading “Sederskier sprinter stories”