Skieologians: looking ahead with Russ

Dreaming of the bye week … and snow Surgeon General’s warning: I don’t claim to know the future. Reading could have lingering side effects on your fantasy football team’s performance  Broncos PR guy: Alright, time for two more!” Reporter: Hey Russ, Ryan O’Halloran, Denver Post. It’s the end of October, you guys are 7-1 (dreamContinue reading “Skieologians: looking ahead with Russ”

Skieologians: Snail seminar

It’s not just about looking the part Recently, I stopped mid-run to an observe an animal that apparently calls Vail ‘home.’  Not a moose, elk, mountain lion or goat — all of those flashy Alpine logos whose silhouettes embody Colorado better than a Patagonia-wearing Patrick Dempsey ever could — but a lowly snail. First, IContinue reading “Skieologians: Snail seminar”

Enoch is transfigured

The sprinter van known as Enoch has returned to Leadville, Colorado after an almost 40-day escapade. The vehicle has sat in the parking lot of the Denny Menholt’s in Billings, MT since the end of July after striking a deer en route to Bozeman, MT. Enoch lost his beautiful Mercedes grill in the crash, whichContinue reading “Enoch is transfigured”

One Way ventures into Alpine world

One Way seems to be making a resurgence of sorts. After going bankrupt in 2018, it’s patent and trademark rights were bought by Fischer. Since then, it’s revamped it’s logo and it’s “direction.” You can read more about the “relaunch” on the brand’s website. Now, the company is venturing into the World Cup Alpine scene,Continue reading “One Way ventures into Alpine world”

6-hour challenge

Out There Nordic is presenting a 6-hour challenge for Nordic skiers to spice up their fall training. Participants will conduct six hours of training in a 9-hour period, earning one entry into a raffle for every mode of exercise. In case you are wondering, we’ve registered. I’ve entertained the idea of a “12-hours of Turquoise”Continue reading “6-hour challenge”

Here’s a website every endurance fanatic should bookmark

The internet is large. It’s hard to know where to go and what places are just a waste of time. Luckily, we did all that hard work for you. If you’re planning a training camp — you’re going to want to land here. If you like organizing the big fish from the previous website —Continue reading “Here’s a website every endurance fanatic should bookmark”

Should we care about what athletes do outside of the sport?

This column is a continuation off of yesterday’s …so….there…. Yes and yes. Whether we like it or not, we don’t consume anything — much less real people playing real games — in a vacuum. We consider the nature of an athletes’ personality, values, beliefs and lifestyle choices when we develop an overall perception of whoContinue reading “Should we care about what athletes do outside of the sport?”