SederSkier Sprinter Stories: We forgot pickles

Snow Mountain Ranch Stampede 50k Classic – March 13 Result: 1st overall (2:38:17) I almost didn’t go the SMR Stampede. Last year, sleeping in the van for a couple of nights and racing a beautiful skate 50k followed by a tough classic race in falling snow was one of the highlights of the year. Sure,Continue reading “SederSkier Sprinter Stories: We forgot pickles”

Skieologians: How to succeed as an athlete

A recently published editorial in the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance outlined eight necessary elements for athletic success.  The first seven ingredients mentioned — talent, health, development, consistency, coaching, opportunities, goal-setting — were essentially diminished under the umbrella of the final one: luck.  And here is where we need the skieologian.  Carl Foster,Continue reading “Skieologians: How to succeed as an athlete”