Seder-Skier Sports Snippets June 11

Quick stories and a quick take from the world of sports. This is a remake of our weekly sports column. We will publish with new stories as they come up – 1-2x a week. By Ryan Sederquist, Shovel Lake Public Radio/Seder-Skier Podcast Host Brown reinstates XC/TF programs – Quick Story: Basically, the actions of alumniContinue reading “Seder-Skier Sports Snippets June 11”

We need Bad Medicine Lake more than ever now. Here’s why:

In this piece, I go against my own doctrine of cherishing hardships, embracing the fire of uncertainty, and growing as a result and instead encourage my readers to, for once, be ok with a stubborn resistance to change and remember the good ol’ days. My writing typically boasts of the benefits of embracing change andContinue reading “We need Bad Medicine Lake more than ever now. Here’s why:”