Seder-Skier Podcast: The Christmas Show

A Christmas special! We dissect a study that looks at two different annual training models used with success on the world’s best xc skier and apply it to your life. We also dream up a new marathon race series and provide our ideas on what citizens races could look like in the pandemic. Enjoy!

Seder-Skier Podcast with Jim Galanes, Part 2 = The State of Skiing

Here is Part 2 of our conversation with Jim Galanes! The Joe Rogan of ski podcasts has a way of engineering engaging conversation with investigative questioning other journalists dare not employ – in this show the Seder-Skier pulls out all sorts of wisdom, opinions, and sometimes controversial takes from one of the Founding Fathers ofContinue reading “Seder-Skier Podcast with Jim Galanes, Part 2 = The State of Skiing”