Skieologians: Risen from the dead

Our family’s new Easter tradition was — and I’m not making this up — my wife’s idea. The blank expression on my face at dinner, attempting to process my Minnesota Timberwolves’ first NBA playoff win since the Truman administration was the first clue. My tip-toeing around the house afterward, unsure of how my desire forContinue reading “Skieologians: Risen from the dead”

Sederquist caught using “cheat sheet” at wife’s birthday date dinner

Here is what it said LEADVILLE, COLORADO – Photos emerged of Ryan Sederquist, the self-proclaimed “Skieologian,” out on a dinner date for his wife’s April 1st birthday carrying a “cheat sheet” containing answers to tough relationship questions.  Enemies of the writer’s weekly sport philosophy column pounced on the opportunity to corner the 30-year-old, who has beenContinue reading “Sederquist caught using “cheat sheet” at wife’s birthday date dinner”