Just try

A Boston-based financial analyst decides to make his first race ever a 50k trail run in Colorado….and meets his inspiration on the trail. On a perfect late September Saturday, a certain frustrated, overburdened public school teacher with dreams of being a writer was stewing in his own self-pity as he mindlessly drove south towards Buena […]

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In the dark

October 25, 2021 Well, October is nearly complete, which means two things:  Depressing afternoon darkness trying to shorten my afternoon bike rides. I’ve invested body, mind, and soul to my annual Lance Armstrong novel study. Fall in Colorado can’t be beat. With it winding down, I’m always pulled by some force to enjoy the yellow […]

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I’m From

Inspired by NPR, Sederquist takes a crack at poetry…. I’m from viking ships and churches, heartbreaking losses and hotdish laden potlucks. I’m from backyard sports, treehouses, and itchy mosquito bites. I’m from windchills and worries, harsh weather and endurance, from simplicity and priorities. I’m from drab winter skies and duck hunters ushering them in. I’m […]

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Social Media Cred

Sports, Social Media, and Identity The Column – By Ryan Sederquist Olympian at 16.  Olympic gold medalist and world record holder at 21.  The first ever two-time Gatorade High School Athlete of the Year. If all 700 of my words were dedicated to list Sydney McLaughlin’s accomplishments, I’d still be forced to cut out monumental […]

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“My Sweet Embraceable You”

Failure Forges – The Depths of Defeat need to be walked thru… Ryan Sederquist – The Column – September 4, 2021 Ray Bradbury’s futuristic, time traveling short story, The Sound of Thunder, provides the inspiration for today’s column. My English class was prepped for reading with this journal question: “If you could go back in […]

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A Labor of Love

August 30, 2021 The misplaced sense of an experiential complexity unique to my life, which I routinely and sinfully posture, was exposed to the fullest extent last Wednesday at about 7:00 PM. As the agony of my wife’s labor – our first child –  gradually escalated, even someone as self absorbed as me understood the […]

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Life’s training ground

In this first week of school, don’t neglect the arena where much of life’s purest lessons are honed Take out a pencil and paper.  (Summer is officially over…..) Put your hand-held computers, which double as a communication device, away.  (No cell phones? This really feels like school now.) At the top, write out the winner […]

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SederSkier Seven

Thoughts for the week ending on August 14th, 2021 USSPC for the Czech Republic? In doing some research for future articles, I came across this brand. Cool name, cool concept – seems like a ‘little guy’ company that is trying to make quality poles. Everything is made in the Czech Republic. Reminded me of a […]

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Dear Letsrun.com

Subject: True Competition is getting thrown under the bus in the Olympic Men’s High Jump Dear sports journalism heros, Robert, Weldon, and Jon, I will try to be brief as I know you are very busy right now. However, your platform is so much greater than mine, and I believe this message is something coaches, athletes […]

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