Marcione: Chris on kick, part 1

It has often perplexed me why there is so little love for classic skiing in Colorado, and why many people default to skating. With the dry snow and endless gradual to moderate climbs, Colorado should be producing an army of classic striders. Let’s be honest, skate skiing can be miserable for a good chunk ofContinue reading “Marcione: Chris on kick, part 1”

The Winter Ironman Buyer’s Guide

“Getting out the door is the hardest part,” Garrick Larson told me as I trudged down from his corner balcony office in the winter of 2013, layered up in the toughest running gear I owned. During my junior track season, the Fargo-Moorhead region was blessed with a month-long stretch where the high never eclipsed 5Continue reading “The Winter Ironman Buyer’s Guide”