SederSkier – Bold Goals

So, I know that everyone has been daily checking the Ski Classics Visma website like I have, waiting for the race calendar to be released. Well, it finally has, and the managers, coaches, wax techs, athletes, masseuses, and media members of the Shovel Lake Nordic Ski Club (that’s six roles filled by two people) is bristling with excitement over the possibility of planning out a European segment to the competition calendar.

Now, the team does not run a super large budget, and our favorite hotel is the Jeep with Ajee or couch surfing, and if the proposed schedule is upheld, the amount of couch surfing which will likely be undertaken could be large. However, we believe in “making your dreams become reality,” and we’ve already started training with the following races in mind.

Plus, we’ve got SederSkier mugs likely to hit the market any day now, and I’ve already earned 0.53$ of ad revenue on my site. Malt-o-Meal has not reached a deal with us quite yet, but we are confident that once they see how heavily I rely on them for carbohydrate replenishment, they will cave in. Speaking of caves, another potential sponsor could be Cave of the Winds National Park. Just think of the publicity we could give them! The first athlete sponsored by a national park, too …headlines baby.

Well, as my dad used to say when we’d ask for a go-cart, my answer, if you ask me if I’m actually doing this is, “……we’ll see.”

Maybe I should go ask mom.

January Races –

Noquemanon Ski Marathon – Michigan – Jan. 22 -24

February Races –

Alley Loop – Crested Butte – 42k CL

Frisco Gold Rush – Frisco – 25K skate

Owl Creek Chase – Aspen – 21k CL

Leadville Loppet – Leadville – 44k CL/FS

American Birkie – 55k CL

March Races

March 7 – Vasaloppet – Mora, Sweden – 90k CL

March 13 – Arefjallsloppet – Valadalen, Sweden – 55k CL

March 20 – Birkebeinerrennet – Rena, Norway – 54k CL

March 27 – Blavegenlopet – Mo Rana, Norway – 45k CL or Flyktningerennet on March 28 in Nordli, Norway – 42k CL

April 4 – Taivalkoski Ski Maraton – 50k FS

April 10 – Reistadlopet – Setermoen-Bardufoss, Norway – 50k CL

April 17th – Yllas-Levi – Finland – 70km Classic or Fossavatnsgangan – 50k FS/CL in Iceland on the way home to America

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