SederSkier Podcast – Ivan Babikov!

SederSkier Podcast – Ivan Babikov!

First 30 minutes – we discuss an August 2020 study looking at how well distance runners and rowers transfer to xc skiing from a physiological and technical perspective. Super fascinating …

Last hour – Part 1 of our interview with 2006, 2010, and 2014 Olympian Ivan Babikov. His “cinderella story” is worth its own book (we’ll get to work on that!) and no matter what kind of sports fan you are, hearing about his rise to stardom is truly inspirational. Enjoy!

One response to “SederSkier Podcast – Ivan Babikov!”

  1. […] “I felt like a pro athlete, right away, at 23-years old,” remembers Babikov.  Driving around the country in the Subaru cars, enjoying the first ever wax truck, and staying in fancy places all contributed to this feeling for the then young Russian immigrant. When describing Aspen, the World Cup veteran, who is maybe as fast of a talker as he was a skier, pauses mid-sentence to justify his feeling that the place was “cool” because, “You know….Dumb and Dumber!” […]


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