The Seder-Skier Podcast: Jim Galanes Part 1

Part 1 – Olympic memories, career reflections, training thoughts/philosophy

4:00 – Olympic Memories – “When you are skiing in the World Cup, you are skiing against the best skiers in the world. In those events …. The field is much deeper in the world cup than at the Olympics. From a competitive level, the Olympics was pretty much just another race.”
7:00 – 1980 – Lake Placid
10:00 – Olympic Trials
13:50 – 15k and other Lake Placid memories
20:00 – transformation of skiing from yesterday to today
23 – Bill Koch – innovators and changes in the sport
24 – Who actually invented skate skiing
28 – what is the greatest trail system ever to ski and train on; what is the best place in North America
31 – Quote/Self reflection/introspection
38 – Person vs. Self and Person vs. Person Competitive Mindsets
39 – Can you overthink? Product vs. Process
43-47 – start talking about the science of training
50 – How training actually works in terms of the adaptive response

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