2017 Jan-August

Typical training  Jan-Feb: off-season; enjoying downhill skiing

  • Enjoyed my first ski pass ever bought by skiing about 30 days this winter at Monarch, Wolf Creek, Loveland, Copper….

AM – usually off

PM – 60 minute run; no speed work

I pretty much kept to this schedule for the entire two months. Never went less than 55 minutes. Ran 6-7 days a week. Saturdays consisted of a morning run and skiing all day. Sometimes, I would repeat this on Sunday.

Late Feb – early May:

Started doing some LT intervals by time. Upped mileage to 60-70 miles, still only in singles. Continued skiing. Added rollersking or biking 3-4x week (about 4-5 hours a week).

Late May – July:

Runniing: 70 miles in singles. LT intervals once a week plus an occasional tempo run.

Biking/ rollerskiing: 5-7 days per week (about 8 hours per week)

July – August – 70-80 miles in 8 runs per week/biking up to 11 hours in week

  • added a long run
  • steady increase of tempo run length (up to 6 miles)
  • LT intervals
  • occasional 400’s (14-16 x 400 with 60 sec jog @ 78-80 sec on dirt trails)
  • mountain and hill running 1x week
  • raced Pikes Peak hill climb
  • raced Golden Gran Fondo
  • rollerskied Itasca Loop (20 miles)




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