Press Release: Sederquist will attempt 200k at 10,500 feet

Leadville, CO – The team captain of Racing Project will attempt to ski 200k in a 24-hour period at the Equinox Challenge at Mount Massive Golf Course March 19-20.

“Not sure if this is a good idea,” Ryan Sederquist said in a hastily arranged press conference via Zoom byway of’s new interim promotional director, Izzy Bean.

“We’ll see how it goes,” an already drained-looking Sederquist seemed to lament. In the 2020 iteration of the event, the 30-year-old writer and part-time theologian managed 100k in under six-hours to win $100, which he spent on carbs to refuel from the effort. That year, he thinks he made it to 140k over the 24-hour span, the majority of which was spent in an Epsom salt bath and on his couch after the initial 100k.

Sederquist after the 2020 Equinox Challenge

Each of the last two Equinox Challenges have been won by Dan Batswanis, the unofficial-official Dean of Cross-Country skiing in the endurance capital of the world, Leadville, Colorado. Last year, Batswanis went 191k.

“If Dan is in front with five hours to go, I plan on biting him in the calf, or maybe, I don’t know,” said Ajee Sederquist, an assistant wax tech on team

Sederquist has enjoyed success during the 2021-2022 loppet season, taking crowns in the Alley Loop, Leadville Loppet, Pepsi Challenge, and Snow Mountain Ranch classic marathons.

“Not sure what that even means….hardly anyone was in those races,” said Christie Sederquist, a faithful, albiet skeptical supporter of enterprises.

“All I can say is that he better be in church at 10:00 a.m.”

The race starts at 10:00 a.m. Saturday and concludes the following day at the same time. Sederquist plans on going “full-gas” until he reaches 100k, then doing a Quaker Oatmeal sponsor-bit to refuel, catch a nap and probably write some stories or do a podcast, and head back out when the snow gets fast again. He said he will use his USSPC company poles, which have aided him to all of his double-pole victories thus far. If he is out at night, he will light up the Mount Massive amphitheater with his Ledlenser headlamp.

Heading into the event, the notoriously brash and naively over-confident Sederquist was seemingly confident as he erroneously applied a strange concoction of glide wax to a pair of 1978 Peltonen Olympics.

“I’m going to run the last mile in under 4-minutes and I dare anyone to come with me,” he said, sounding and looking a lot like Steve Prefontaine with his wily mustache bursting grotesquely below his upper lip and into his crooked front teeth.

“If anyone is going to beat me, they’re going to have to bleed … .or die or whatever….to do it.”

The world record for the most kilometers skied in 24 hours is 472 by Hans Mäenpää of Finland back in 2018. Last spring, Anders Aukland skied 700 consecutive kilometers over a 41 hour period. Sederquist believes both of those records could be under threat if he “feels snappy.”

“You never know — if the skis are fast, I might take a crack at it,” he said, noting that he will probably complete the entire event in a completely fasted state, taking water only when his skin begins to turn purple. If he is feeling drained, he said he would refuel on his specialty endurance recipe: pickles, bananas, and propel.

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  1. Epic attempts like this are “going to the cross;” you know it will hurt, but you accept it faithfully regardless. God be with you, my friend.

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