Seder Skier Podcast Ep. 6 – Memoirs of the Multi-sport Athlete, Part 1 – The Kendall Kramer Show

Seder Skier Podcast Ep. 6 – Memoirs of the Multi-sport Athlete, Part 1 – The Kendall Kramer Show

Memoirs of the Multi-Sport Athlete is a series the SederSkier podcast is doing on nordic skiers who participate in some other sport in addition to the one with skinny skis. Alpine (skimeister), cross country running, track, and mountain biking are all activities often juggled by these athletes. In a world where we are increasingly encouraging …err..forcing young people to specialize earlier and earlier, however, we thought it was fitting to speak to student-athletes and coaches who not only believe it is possible to compete at an elite level in more than one thing, but think it may be necessary in order to reach peak success in a single sport as well.

On this first episode, we speak with an athlete who is, without question, thriving in more than one arena. In the case of US Ski team member Kendall Kramer, what is often overlooked is just how elite of a runner she is. While that’s largely due to her astounding success on the national and global stage – she has a World Junior individual 4th place finish from 2019 and a silver medal from 2020 in skiing to her credit – it’s worth mentioning that the Fairbanks, Alaska native also has run 10:27 in the two-mile in track, blistered the legendary Mt. Sac cross country course in 17:36, and captured three xc state titles in addition to six state track titles.

Her perspective on how she balances everything is one which is mature beyond her years. After speaking with her, you can’t help but hope she will be a forerunner for young people across the nation to believe and trust in their decisions to be well rounded in sports, prioritize school, and believe in the lessons which come from hard work in both. Kendall has done that in her time at West Valley High School, and we hope she will experience continued growth and success at UAF and Team USA for years to come!

Enjoy –

Interview starts at 20:00

3 responses to “Seder Skier Podcast Ep. 6 – Memoirs of the Multi-sport Athlete, Part 1 – The Kendall Kramer Show”

  1. Nice work.

    You should get my friend Courtney Dauwalter on. The best in the world ultra runner and darn good Nordic skier from MN lives in CO. Sweetheart. LCCSC member. My hoped for participant in the 2020 Equinox 24 he Ultra Ski.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. She has been out running on the Mineral Belt when I’ve been rollerskiing. I know she will always be good for smile and wave – she gets us nordies. I definitely need to have her on my show!


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