Season in Review Part 3: Christmas Break/January Pre-Season

We continue our excerpts from the training log. Moving into the third section of the season – Christmas Break. It was fun to finally see family, we had really cold temperatures, great snow conditions, and I decided to not do a race in the end of January. All of that made for “pre-race” season that generally had me sort of ‘unmotivated’ to finally race. I felt like I had been sloshing along forever without doing a competition. Indeed, the last ‘race’ was Sept. 29th at a Gravel Grinder in Canon City. Not exactly a good example of me putting myself out there and seeing what I’m made of. At the end of January, I not only opted out of the first potential race of the year, I was at the CMEA conference in Colorado Springs, where it was 60 degrees each day. My mind and my body were totally out of synch with the idea of racing on snow at that point. And yet, six days after that, I would have to toe the line in Crested Butte…ready or not…I also finally got a pair of waxable skis from Karl, the high school coach in Leadville. He loaned them to me – we figured they’d probably work ok. Madshus skis from many generations ago is how I’ll describe them. They are special to me now …

Week 9


AM – 2 hr CL

PM – off

Monday –

AM – 2 Hr 10 min CL/ Mineral Belt

PM – 80 min CL / Mineral Belt


AM – 2 hr skate – mineral belt

Pm – 90 min Cl – Mineral Belt

Wed –

AM – 40 min run @ Beaver Lake – hill section over and over again ..changed into shorts at one point haha

PM – 90 Classical at MMGC


AM – 2 hr skate on Mineral Belt – doubled up hilly section

PM – 1 hr 40 min CL Mineral Belt – easy and fast


AM – 2 hr 15 min CL with mom on Mineral Belt

PM – 3 mile snowshoe with family


AM – 2 hr CL/Skate at Tennessee Pass

PM – Downhill skied + 35 min run with Tom in town afterwards

Totals – Ski – 18.5, Run – 1

Total – 19.5 hours

Week 10


AM – 35 min run with Tom at Beaver Lakes …super cold

PM – Skate ski (80) + Cl/DP (40) at MMGC


Am – 2 hr CL… – 20 degrees when I started

PM – downhill skied at Copper with Tom, Mom, and Dad


Am – 80CL + 50 SK @ Mineral Belt ..-20 again..

PM – 75 skate on Mineral Belt with Tom – fast and nice out


AM – 2 hr DP with Tom all the way to the top of Mineral Belt

PM – shoveled for 2 hours


Am – 20 min SK + 1.5 hr CL on Mineral Belt

PM – 80 min SK


AM – 40 min run at Beaver Lakes — hilly+ 80 minutes of shoveling

PM – 1 hr 50 min Cl at Mineral Belt


Am – 90 min skate at Mineral Belt – lots of climbing

PM – 2 hr CL – 15 miles – lots of climb “great day”

Totals – Ski – 18, L – 2, Run – 1

total = 21 hours

Week 11


Am – 2 Hr Skate – lots of climb – 15 miles

drove to get Ajee afterwards; drove home

PM – 90 min CL/12 miles @ Mineral – lots of climb again


AM – 40 run

PM – off…walked 3 miles


AM – 35 run + 45 lift

PM – 1 hr 45 min skate


AM – 80 skate @ MB

PM – 2 hr CL @ MB


AM – 40 run + 45 lift

Pm 90 CL/DP on MB


Am – 45 run

PM – 90 CL/DP @ MB


Am – 45 run …hills at Beaver Lakes +45 min shoveling

PM – 60 min DP at Beaver lakes – DP’d entire stretch from house to the top….

Totals – Ski – 12.5, Run – 3, L – 2

total – 17.5 hours

Week 12


AM – 40 run

PM – 2 hr skate ski @ golf course – went easy but didn’t stop at all + 1 hour shoveling

Monday –

Am – 35 run + 45 lift

PM 70 min DP on BLVD road …new snow…ajee’s first ski


AM – 40 run

PM – 90 skate on MB – really fast..had to start at 4:45 because of a meeting, or would have gone longer…


AM – 80 min skate @ MB

PM – 2 hr classic – went almost to 3 mile mark and back in 1 hr 45 (16 miles)


AM – 40 min run

PM – 1 hr 45 skate – Mineral and CMC


AM – 90 min skate at CMC

PM – 2 hour shoveling


AM – 50 min run @ BV lakes + 40 min shoveling + 20 mnin abs and push-ups

PM – 1 hr 45 skate at CMC

Totals – ski – 13, Run – 3.5, L – 2

Total – 18.5 hours

Week 13


AM – 2 hr DP – 2.5 hour break for church. early PM = 2 hr skate – Mineral Belt


AM – 1 hr skate + 1 hr DP on MB

PM – 2 hr CL – did Dump road to Cart hill 3x)


AM – 90 skate @ Mineral belt

PM – 1 hr 45 min DP @ Mineral belt


AM – 2 hr skate on MB before school

PM – 40 min run + 30 min lift in Colorado Springs @ Broadmoor Fitness Center


AM – 45 run + 45 lift

PM – 80 min bike + 15 lift


Am – 55 run + 15 lift

PM – 90 bike + 15 lift


Am – 55 run + 60 lift

PM – 90 skate ski @ home

Totals – ski – 14.75, Run – 2.5, Lifting – 3, Bike – 3

Total – 23.25


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My name is Ryan Sederquist.  I am a man of many passions and dreams, and this website is the outlet for many of them. I am currently teaching 5th grade remotely in the Adams12 school district in Colorado. I have been an elementary music teacher in Alamosa, Colorado, as well as a 7-12 band director at Lake County High School in Leadville, Colorado. I am also in the final, final stages of acquiring my M.S. in Exercise Science from Adams State University. In 2018-2019, we spent a year in Presque Isle, Maine as I coached the UMPI Nordic ski team. I currently live in Leadville, Colorado with my wife Christie, a special education teacher, and our border collie-German shepherd mix, Ajee. Even though it is not my full-time job, ever since I was a child, I had the desire to do one of three things professionally - pro sports, writing about pro sports, or being a radio talk show host. This website is where I pretend to do the latter two, and when I'm out pretending to do the former, I listen to podcasts, think about topics, and pursue my wild dream of someday, at some event, in either running, biking, or skiing, wearing a team USA uniform. This website contains articles, podcasts, pictures, and journal entries that have to do with my passion and involvement in endurance sports. Our flagship project is the Seder Skier Podcast, which talks mostly about nordic skiing and attempts to interview influential individuals in the ski world. I also rant about the Big 4 sports, with a lean towards Minnesota teams (Vikings, Twins, Twolves, and MN Distance Running). I sometimes try to write Sports Illustrated like 'feature' articles about athletes as well. In addition to a focus on sports, you will find the occasional article or show that discusses the intersection of theology and society ...which is ...obviously everywhere. We place these in our Skieologians podcast. The heading at the top of my homepage reads, "Search for Truth. Play with purpose. Strive for success." It is the underlying theme for my coaching philosophy, which can be downloaded from this site. Basically, I'm always looking to search for the truth in my pursuit of knowledge, whether that is knowledge regarding the best methods for waxing skis, training a quarter miler, or defending my Christian apologetic. Searching implies a dedicated pursuit for knowledge, and that is what I'm about and what this site is about, even if it is simply for providing viewers with an accurate description of a product. Play with purpose has to do with living out our passions because they are fun. I ski because its fun. I play music and teach young kids because there is joy in it. This blog is about celebrating the joy and fun that inherently exists in the pursuit of excellence and in the activities themselves. Finally, strive for success is built on the principle that true success is the realization that we gave 100% effort to become the best that we could possible be. It requires 100% in preparation, competition, reflection, mental effort, etc. If something is worth doing, I believe it is worth doing with that level of effort. Someday, I hope to race the Visma Classics - the entire season, wear a Team USA singlet, and have a job that involves writing or talking about sports or theology all day. If you know of any body I can reach out to to help me accomplish these goals, please email me at

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