Seder-Skier Podcast Episode 5 – Donald Trump vs. Pelosi vs. Randy Moss.. in his prime –

Who would win in a 5k race on the track between Trump, AOC, Pelosi, Ben Shapiro, James R White, Randy Moss in his prime, and Eminem now? We let you know what the race would look like….how much would you pay for that race to happen?

Also, we talk some other hypotheticals that might interest you: whose career would you rather have?

Jim Ryun vs. Matt Centro

Jess Diggins vs. Shiffrin

Gates vs. Beszos

Lance Armstrong or Marion Jones

Then, we have a “philosophical physiological” take in response to a Facebook post by 4x Olympian Jim Galanes

That ends up being all we have time for unfortunately…we’ll get to the UB and LB study next time!

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