Seder-Skier Podcast – Ep. 4 – Zach Caldwell joins!

Zach Caldwell of Caldwell Sport joins us on this edition of the Seder-Skier podcast. If you want to better understand what goes into making a ski fast and how you can find the right ski for you, then you NEED to listen! If you enjoy learning about the science of ski construction, the history of development and modern trends, and the differences between a Fischer, Madshus, and Salomon ski, then you will love this show! Zach was gracious to lend us his expertise on all things skis – from geometry to base materials to factory culture to the relationship between skier biomechanics and ski picking and testing.

Our next show is going to include a Q and A with Zach – if you have a question you’d like to ask, feel free to comment or email us at

Be sure to check out Caldwell Sport to learn more about ski picking and ski services they provide. They are leaders in the industry! Their website also has incredibly useful information on products, snow science, and comparisons between different waxes, tools, and skis. It is a fabulous resource for every type of skier –

4:00 – Zach starts – discussion on factories ..

18:30 – Madshus

1hr:10 – transition to Fischer

1hr :45 – Salomon

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