Enoch is transfigured

The sprinter van known as Enoch has returned to Leadville, Colorado after an almost 40-day escapade. The vehicle has sat in the parking lot of the Denny Menholt’s in Billings, MT since the end of July after striking a deer en route to Bozeman, MT. Enoch lost his beautiful Mercedes grill in the crash, whichContinue reading “Enoch is transfigured”

One Way ventures into Alpine world

One Way seems to be making a resurgence of sorts. After going bankrupt in 2018, it’s patent and trademark rights were bought by Fischer. Since then, it’s revamped it’s logo and it’s “direction.” You can read more about the “relaunch” on the brand’s website. Now, the company is venturing into the World Cup Alpine scene,Continue reading “One Way ventures into Alpine world”