WAx 4 Wax

WAx 4 Wax

Support team sederskier and be a part of the next podcast!

Forgot about Valentine’s Day?

Tired of doing the whole flowers and a card thing?

Why not wax poetic to help support team Seder-Skier.com’s ski wax fund.

Write a love note to that special someone, and then make a donation of at least $4 to Seder-skier.com and you will have your love note read on our special Valentine’s Day podcast.

****The person with the highest donation will have the honor of getting the podcast named in their loved one’s honor!!!


Wax4Wax Love Notes

You write us a love note to your special someone > send it to sederskier@gmail.com + donate $4 or more > we’ll read your note on the Valentine’s Day Podcast!


One response to “WAx 4 Wax”

  1. Fantastic idea Izzy! I was a little too far behind on my Seder-Skier podcasts to get on the Valentine’s show…maybe next year. I’m not sure how my wifey would handle the fame that could arise from a shoutout on the fastest growing cross country skiing podcast in Lake County. Definitely worth more hype than flowers. Seder-Skier fan for life!

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