Book Deals for Everyone!

In retrospect, Andrew Cuomo’s five million dollar book deal with Crown Publishing for American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic may seem like a publisher’s worst nightmare. The Penguin Random House subsidiary, however, has doubled-down on some other incredible author advances.

I’m a HUGE reader….and I’ll be looking for these titles at book stores everywhere:

Winning: Leadership Lessons from the Detroit Lions by Sheila Ford Hamp

Practice makes Perfect by Allen Iverson

The Complete Idiots Guide to DIY Projects around the House by Ryan Sederquist

Playing by the Rules by Lance Armstrong, forward by Bill Belicheat

How to Come When they Call by Izzy and Ajee Sederquist, forward by Tessa Sederquist

TESSA NO! Leadership Lessons on Living with Cats, by Tessa Sederquist

Eat Less, Lose More: A Champion’s guide to dieting by Joey Chestnut

Keep the Jet, Lose the Carbon Footprint: Leadership lessons on Living with Less by John Kerry

10 Steps to a Better You by Joe Exotic

No Looking Back: Leadership Lessons on Moving on from Sports by Tom Brady

Look Back: Leadership Lessons on Moving on from Sports by Brett Favre

Watch Your Back: Leadership Lessons on Moving on in general by Aaron Rodgers

“Quick to Listen and Slow to Speak,” a pragmatic approach to Biblical humility by Don Trump

The New World Order Farmers Almanac by Bill Gates

How to sit still by That toddler who sits behind you in church

Flying 101 by Buzz Lightyear

Slow Down! by Eliud Kipchoge, forward by Usain Bolt

Everything in Moderation: Leadership Lessons on Achieving Balance by Ryan Sederquist

Grip Wax Tips for All Conditions by Ryan Sederquist

Grip Wax Tips Part 2: Just Double Pole by Ryan Sederquist

The History of Mankind by Mrs. Johnson’s Third Grade Class

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