SederSkier Podcast – Halfway through the Olympics Show!

SederSkier Podcast – Halfway through the Olympics Show!


We are about halfway through the Olympics and there are some things which need to be discussed – What is the difference between mental toughness and mental health? Which athletes should you care about moving forward? Who have been our top 3 favorite athletes of the games so far? Plus, did you know the best journalist at these games is only 10 years old – we’ll introduce you to her. What did we think of the 10k which just finished up this morning? Finally, if the Olympics was held in one location forever, or on a rotation of four spots, where would we prefer it to be – plus, you can weigh in on it, too. All of that and more on the SederSkier Podcast, brought to you by the USSPC, Sporthill, and Vitamix.

10 year old journalist story – PepperSkateboarder quarantined
Dutch judo athlete quarantined
GB athletes covid
Sam Kendricks senator story
Kendricks NBC story

Triathlon – mens – Norway winner

great story – Kevin Mcdowell – Colorado Triathlete overcame cancer

Alan Abramson piece on 400 meter third placer Jonathas

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