I’d be interested to hear you and Devon’s take on this: 
How far ahead would Klaebo have needed to be ahead for him to determine that it is NOT the best strategy to let Bolshunov catch up? Today, he determined that a 35+ second advantage was still too small. I find that this actually tells us more about what Klaebo thinks of Bolshunov in terms of respect than it does about how we should perceive Klaebo in terms of dominance. Let me explain. 
Basically, Klaebo determined, “Well, if I ski this 10k as hard as I can and Bolshunov skis it as hard as he cans, even with a 35 second advantage, I still think I’ll probably lose….I better let him catch up so I can sprint by him at the end.” 
What if he had been 1 minute ahead? How about 2 minutes? Hopefully you see what I’m getting at. We all know Klaebo is the king when it comes down to a sprint…he really can’t be touched. He’s a legend, he’s the most pure, beautiful skier, and his accomplishments/record is outstanding. But if he doesn’t think he can take down another skier by simply outskiing him….with a 35 second lead even….how can we consider him to be the greatest of all time….
And don’t let Devon get away with, “Well, it was obviously the best tactic for him, in these conditions, to do what he did.” We KNOW that. That’s the point. At what point does Klaebo have enough confidence in himself as simply being a better outright skier, over 10k, to simply go, “You know what, I’m not even gonna miss with this….I’m just going to bury everyone.” 
It is kind of amazing really. Klaebo has so much respect for Bolshunov, he knew that HIS best chance of winning was to let him catch up so that he could win on his terms at what he is best at – a final sprint.

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