The Seder-Skier Podcast – Jan. 30 – Falun W.C. – Diggins = the model competitor… Bulshonov vs. Klaebo…groomers don’t know what they are doing and neither do runners and fatbikers…

5 AM edition of the Seder-Skier Podcast!

We watched the W.C. from yesterday (10k skate for women and 15k skate for men), and we have never been more proud to be an American ski fan. Why? Take a listen.

We also rip open a vein on grooming, fatbikers, and runners …

And….we rip Klaebo for being the ‘anti-Diggins’ …And, unlike other North Americans, pronounce his name correctly …

There is a lot here to listen, too! Enjoy!

If you are interested in being a part of scientific research related to nordic skiing and are a high level master’s skier and/or 18 and older competing in the USCSA or NCAA, please reach out to us @ OR comment below and we will get in touch!

If you are in need of new ski poles and want to get some custom USSPC poles like the Seder-Skier himself, comment below!

If you want to support the Visma Classic 202? tour, comment below and we will put your financial contribution in a piggy bank underneath our waxing iron shelf.

Get out and ski today

Ryan Sederquist

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