Is the World Cup coming back to Minnesota?

Is the World Cup coming back to Minnesota?

On this edition of the SederSkier Podcast, Loppet Foundation Executive Director John Munger joins to talk about the FIS World Cup event which was supposed to be held in Minneapolis this March. It would have been the first World Cup event on US soil since 2001. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the event was cancelled on March 12th, just a few days before the start of the festivities. The SederSkier podcast did some investigative work on behalf of the nordic ski community to find the current status of the long awaited event. Was all of the energy, excitement, and effort for nothing? Is there hope for an event in the near future? Find out by listening to today’s show, complete with a special show intro dedicated to our home-state, Minnesota.

Jessie Diggins played an integral role in bringing the first World Cup to US soil in almost twenty years, and not only because of her amazing gold medal effort in 2018. Listen to the show to hear how John praises the US ski team member and Stillwater graduate for her efforts as a public speaker and her integrity as a person.

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