Everyone to Skis and some things to consider

Maybe a ‘lack of snow’ isn’t so new? Check out the article linked above for a nice quick read. For more on the Russian ski culture, I highly recommend Everyone to Skis! by William D. Frank. Thoroughly enjoyed this book as it taught me a lot about Soviet history — and skiing history. Reading that.Continue reading “Everyone to Skis and some things to consider”

DP up Independence Pass

On Monday, my wife said she needed to pick something up in Twin Lakes. I decided that if I was driving all the way out there, I might as well do something different. I brought my rollerskis and set out on Highway 82, just passed the turn from Highway 24. Feeling surprisingly spry, I hadContinue reading “DP up Independence Pass”

Heading out for the Copper Triangle

It’s going to be a busy day today! We’ve got: Consume coffee hope my registration is good for the Copper Triangle while driving to Copper Mountain Riding the 79-mile Copper Triangle (heading out once this post is up) Write/interview/cover the Copper Triangle Finish a sermon and then giving a sermon for a class Pet AjeeContinue reading “Heading out for the Copper Triangle”

The daily grind: must… train

Monday’s session in Leadville (elev. 10,152′): AM: 1 hour road bike … phone died unexpectedly … Changed into running shoes and decided to tack on intervals: 2 mile warm up 5x1k uphill at “hard-but-don’t-die pace” – (3:52, 3:49, 4:00, 3:48, 3:57 on mixed gravel and pavement, 1-4% grades) with 3:00 min. uphill baby-jog recovery 3Continue reading “The daily grind: must… train”

Another reason to head to Park City

Park City in the fall is a training paradise. Mountain bike and trail running options are plentiful and the rollerskiing terrain provides a mix of long, gradual hills, steep FIS-homologated courses, and rural flats. After spending a week there last October, I determined the location is worthy of an annual stop, particularly after discovering aContinue reading “Another reason to head to Park City”

Here’s what happened in Eugene

The three most important stories from the first IAAF World Championship on American soil The IAAF World Outdoor Track and Field Championships were in the U.S. for the first time ever last month. Even though Vail’s Val Constien didn’t make the team this year (and give me an excuse to apply for a press passContinue reading “Here’s what happened in Eugene”