Sederquist caught using “cheat sheet” at wife’s birthday date dinner

Here is what it said

Ryan Sederquist, producer of the fastest-growing Nordic ski-specific podcast in all of Lake County, was seen with a cheat sheet while on a date for his wife’s birthday.

LEADVILLE, COLORADO – Photos emerged of Ryan Sederquist, the self-proclaimed “Skieologian,” out on a dinner date for his wife’s April 1st birthday carrying a “cheat sheet” containing answers to tough relationship questions. 

Enemies of the writer’s weekly sport philosophy column pounced on the opportunity to corner the 30-year-old, who has been married to his wife Christie for almost eight years, saying he “lacked the intellectual fitness” and “socially relevant emotional sensitivity,” to be a prominent voice for athletes. Others went further, even attacking his marriage, as they pointed out the contents of the cue card. 

Fortunately, a source at recovered the contents and shared them in a social media post that has 31 views as of this writing. 

“Answers to tough date night questions (stick to the script….don’t improvise again. For the love of Swix VR 40 gripwax, this isn’t your podcast, it’s your wife’s birthday. Get a grip — pun intended!),” it began before listing off a series of prompts: 

Question: “When our baby Novi was crying the other night, you said, “For godsake, this diaper cannot remain in power. If you weren’t advocating for a diaper change, what did you mean?”

Answer: I was expressing my aromatic outrage at the stench of the diaper. 

Question: How unified do you think we are right now?

Answer: We have never been more unified.

Question: What is your definition of “woman?”

Answer: You are a woman, and you’re the only woman for me.

At one point, Sederquist allegedly said, “Alright folks, once again, they’ve given me a list of people I can call on” as a bewildered waiter stared at the confused-looking couple. It was reported that Sederquist ordered a 7.5 pound burrito and ate it in less than 27 minutes.

The date ended after the final issue on the card was addressed.

Question: You said I would see my birthday present “once I’m over there at the restaurant.” Then, you showed up 45 minutes late because you were skiing. 

Answer: It won’t happen again. 

Sources claim Sederquist’s response to the final question did not go according to plan. A witness recording a Tik-Tok video has the middling Visma Ski Classics wannabee responding, “Is that a question, or a stateme — that … I should have never …I’m not sure I understand the problem here.”

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